The Meaning Of It All

by KnowledgeBorn07

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The focus of this album is Love.

Half way through the recording process I had some close losses in my family. I became very uninspired and just about gave up on putting anything out ever again.

With the support and enthusiasm of my great friend John Gray [who Produced this album] I was inspired in time of despair to keep going and push through to the light in the darkness.

And after the emotional pain storm I can say I'm glad we are putting this out and what perfect timing----Valentines Day! The Day of Love----or was it a Massacre? hmmm Either way, they go hand in hand at times.

Please listen with an open mind.....This album is laid back and very chilled and we hope you can do just that when you listen to it. The main thing I got out of this whole project is that no matter the struggle you should always keep those loved ones close. Be there for them in their times of pain or doubt. And know tomorrow is never promised.

This album is Dedicated to my Uncles who are now in Paradise . Rest in Peace Richard "Dick" M. Gnoth March 2, 1951 - Aug. 8, 2012 and Robert "Bobby" A. Gnoth Dec. 25, 1958 - Oct. 28, 2012.


released February 14, 2013

KnowledgeBorn07 - Lead Vocals
Johnny Cosmic - Music, Backing Vocals
John Pangani - "The African Teacher" at the end of "Play Like a Champion"
Mike DeGuzman - Keys on "True Love"
Slatetrain - Lead Vocals on "True Love Reprise"
Danny Ong - Toy piano guitar plunks on "Pay It Forward"
My Son Isaak Diroll appears on "Pay It Forward"
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Johnny Cosmic

Chris Dyer - Album ArtWork
Nick Takach - Graphic Design and Layout


Johnny Cosmic

Mike DeGuzman


Chris Dyer



all rights reserved



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South Bend Indiana Native. Musical Influences:
Sublime, WUTANG CLAN,Filibuster, Jesus Wore Dickies, 3rd Alley, John Gray, Islands, Man Man, screamin Jay Hawkins,Gram Parsons, Father John Misty, ZZ Top, Conscious Hip Hop, The Ziggens, Bargain Music, Frank Jordan, Dr. Dog, Regina Specktor, Bjork, ...the list goes for free and enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: Play Like A Champion
One of these days I'm gonna build a time machine
that could take me away to any place I wanna be
cause the place where I am doesn't seem the place for me
I'd like to visit the past and resurrect my friends and family

If you feel the same way you can come along and
you can jam with me

All of my life I'm taking chances and chances
Some good, some bad but that created this man that's
trying to find himself in this world of romance
and scandalous women seem to become heavy baggage

I count to 10 when I see red before I grab the cannons


Walking down the street, around my waist picture the ratchet
Johnny you're too bad

When they try to knock you down
Gotta walk like a champion
When they try to judge
Don't hold a grudge be a champion
When your backs against the wall
Stand tall your a champion
When they treat life like a game
You gotta play like champion today

Life is a gamble forked roads and scandal
Some vaca at sandals
Some trodd roads no sandals
Spit wit forked tongues
Like amo
Shoot guns just like Rambo
Recruit the youth
Camo suits
Steel toed boots
Aim shoot kablamo
Sound of gun firin
Destruction sirens
Too much violence
I'd rather hear a violin
Track Name: True Love (ft. Mike DeGuzman)
Shes got flowers in her hair
The wind is blowin' it everywhere
But my baby just don't care

Cause she's beautiful as can be
Her eyes sparkle like the sea
It feels so good to be free

I ask what could this mean
What is this to me

True love
True love
True love

When I asked u to take my hand
And we drew our names into the sand
It's said me plus you

Putting your heart out there can be dangerous
And we've got love if we got trust
And I trust you

If what they say is true and love at first site really exist
Then I swear it's gotta feel a little something like this
Since the first time I saw you to the last time we kissed
My hearts been poundin through my chest and it feels fantastic
You keep the love alive by little notes and things that you say
And when your not near physically I know your just a call away
You got my back I got yours baby baby we can make it thru
If what they say about love what they say about love is true

True Love
Track Name: True Love Reprise (ft. Slatetrain)
True love, true love
only comes once in a lifetime
don't let it pass you by
cause you could never have it again
Track Name: The Way It Should Be
Find a little place just for you and me
That's the way it should be
Lovin' as easy as the birds and bees
That's the way it should be

Well I may have a stinger but please don't fly away
I mean you no harm little birdy please stay

I long to spend those happy hours
Roamin' with you amongst the flowers
And when we get where no one else can see
Just cuddle up right next to me

Everyday feeling like make believe
That's the way it should be
I would search for you across the land and sea
That's the way it should be
You be the river I'll be your willow tree
That's the way it should be
Lovin' as easy as the birds and bees
That's the way it should be

Well just sing you'll love me when I'm 64
I might only have a little honey but I might have a little more

Either way lets spend those happy hours
Let love lift us like a tower
and when we get where no one else can see
Well just cuddle on up right next to me

That's the way it should be
Track Name: Pay It Forward
As i look into the present
seeing my self just as a present
losing my self within the presence of no one else except the crescent
asking myself so many questions
is this the time to start repentance
is this the climb unto my penance and if so how do I spend it
if ya had an extra ear would you lend it?
and with whom would you spend ya last days with
if you knew the end was tomorrow would you change it
I mean ya attitude do you act crazy
do you treat others with respect are you lazy
are just moving along life chasing some hope or dream
you viewed of the mainstream
Trying to keep up with the jones's while living life alone
and your world turns dark from amazing
I think that it is time that we start painting a better picture under our eyelids and day dream reach for the best because
there's beauty and you hold it
Jah gave you flesh but you must shape and mold it
Jah gave you gold and that is what your soul is
the devil tries to hold you and that's what cold is
the devil tries to hold you and that's the coldest
and it grows within now like some mold
it's time to change your view of you, you're a lotus
a beautiful creation look now its snowin
a beautiful creation look how it's glowing
And your eyes are all lit up now you are chosen
You can use that energy you got to warm the frozen