All I Need (ode to monika from outer space)

by KnowledgeBorn07

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ode to monika


all I need

into the light
I don't know if im
gonna survive
up to speed
with this spinning earth
is sometimes hard on me
and sometimes it's hard to breath
and I need you
and you say you need me
and in this life youre all I need
I'll be here for you
just stay next to me
but I know in life
nothing's for certain

and blinking lights
are all my heart has seen
in my past lives
pain and misery
is what this wall I built
is suppose to protect me
from so I do not bleed
but you don't seem to
want to hurt or destroy me
so I know I must proceed
and follow my heart
back to yours baby
and show you that my love
is not pretend

into the night
I don't know if I'm
gonna survive
up on my feet
just so that I
can call you my lady
and sometimes it's hard to eat
cause inside my mind thoughts
get the best of me
but I know your all that I need
to say that I love you
would be so incomplete
cause your love means more
than the world that's burnin


released February 28, 2017



all rights reserved



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South Bend Indiana Native. Musical Influences:
Sublime, WUTANG CLAN,Filibuster, Jesus Wore Dickies, 3rd Alley, John Gray, Islands, Man Man, screamin Jay Hawkins,Gram Parsons, Father John Misty, ZZ Top, Conscious Hip Hop, The Ziggens, Bargain Music, Frank Jordan, Dr. Dog, Regina Specktor, Bjork, ...the list goes for free and enjoy. ... more

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