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Let The Grass Grow

from Cosmic Knowledge by KnowledgeBorn07

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(Johnny Cosmic)
Grass started out as a simple acoustic song I wrote on my old beat up 12 string. The guitar was recorded very quickly. I was randomly strumming and out of no where comes this chord riff. I immediately set up a microphone and recorded 2 takes (Right and Left) as I had a feeling that I would forget it if I didn't put it down right then and there.

I constructed a quick midi drum and bass and, with a hand held SM58, threw down the oohhs and aahhs background vocal part. At the time thought I had a little Fluid Minds B-side rough demo song.

When I went up to South Bend to record KB's vocals for "27 Miles" I had the demo on my flash drive. I casually thought, you know, I'll throw this to him to see if he could do anything with it. I personally thought it was out of the style range of the Minds and I didn't think it would probably fit with KB either, but I figured, what the hell. Maybe even if he doesn't do anything with it, at least he might dig a listen. I came home from the trip and found some vocal files sent to me online.

It was KB's vocals for Grass. I popped the tracks onto the music and I was FLOORED! I couldn't believe what he had done with the song. It went from being this little riff I thought couldn't possibly fit with anything, to being one of the most powerful pieces of music I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of. I must have listened to that song on repeat for like 30 times the first night i heard it. I was one of those really powerful moments in existence.

After mixing in KBs killer vocal takes, I did some vocal harmonies and called in Gooze to throw down some Rhodes and strings to wrap it up and give the music's gritty demo feel a little boost in the right direction.


When I wrote this song I was at a really dark stage in my life and it was really a way of telling myself that there is something else out there and its not just this physical. The lyrics were definatly influenced by one of my all time favorite groups Jesus Wore Dickies. Johnny was up at my studio after recording 27 miles and it was time to head out. He said Johnny I got somthing for you. When he played it I had chills. Seriously, goose bumps on my arms. I said man Im gonna write to this right away. The next day I sat down with the track and just let my heart pour. The lyrics were like God saying "Don't Give up, when all else fails, you got me" . It had seemed that all else had failed at the time. This song really helped me through some hard hard times and I want to thank Johnny for giving me the opportunity to put something on it as well as his friendship. I don't know how I would have dealt with things if we weren't working on this project over the past year and a half. Friends and Family...thats what its all about!! When I went back and listened to the track I realized I subconsciously wrote this for my children. You never know what today may bring. I thought to myself "if something wild happend to me in this life, this song right hear is one that my kids and brothers, sister and parents can put on and realize that I'm still here with them always". It's like me saying I will always be there for them. Which is funny because this is God speaking to Me and me speaking to them and we are all made in the image and likeness. Therefore we are all one.

Enjoi ;)


(Popa Wu)
it's all good though
it's all good though
it's all good though

when you're feeling low
when you're down and your out
and you feel as though
nobody wants you around

(Knowledgeborn07 and Johnny Cosmic)

Just know you got me
You got me
I'll be your shoulder to lean
You got me

tell me all your problems
and ill figure em out
please just have some patience
before you run out of town


And know you got me
You got me
I'll be your shoulder to lean
You got me

don't you ever feel ashamed when you cry
cause that's just the bodies way
to cleanse your mind


And know you got me
You got me
I'll be your shoulder to lean
You got me
I'll be your shoulder to lean
You got me


from Cosmic Knowledge, released May 11, 2010
Vocals: KnowledgeBorn and Johnny Cosmic

Music: Johnny Cosmic and Mike DeGuzman


all rights reserved




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