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Necessarius (feat. Johnny Cosmic)

from Cosmic Knowledge by KnowledgeBorn07

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*Necessarius definition - relative; connection; one closely connected by friendship/family/obligation

(Johnny Cosmic)
My buddy Chris Tarman was a freelance engineer at a studio underneath a music shop. He had some free time and we were having a late night session, jamming on freestyles and doing spontaneous recording style. The riff for this tune came out of a open freestyle solo guitar take I did.

A few days after the session, I started riffing around again on one of the riffs and I started to make demos of the ideas. Soon all that started to formulate and I asked Chris to throw in something since he had been there when the riff first start coming together. He quickly threw down the key riff in the verse and it sounded really cool. It gave the song a sound.

Around the same time, I had been on the NASA website and had downloaded audio files that had been taken of the sounds of the planet saturn. They were very far out sounds indeed. I had also been watching some other strange videos online about aliens and things of that nature and one thing i had heard stuck out to me. This guy was talking about how these aliens made music. He described that instead of plucking a string or something to create a tone, they would use the sounds of the planets, stars, solar system, harmonize them together to have some resemblance to what we could consider music.

When I got the saturn samples I started thinking about that and how cool it would be to do that. Then, my mind quickly started turning and before I knew it I was running this saturn sound into a Morphoder (which is similar to a vocoder). Basically, it takes a sound and adds pitch to it.

When you listen to the synthy pad sound in the bridge breakdown, that is what you are hearing. The sound of saturn passing through the morphoder and then it pitched into a specific note played by my keyboard. One of the most interesting moments of my studio adventures.


(KnowledgeBorn07 and Johnny Cosmic)

if your gonna leave please take your things
cause I don't want to be haunted by these memories
and when you walk out that door don't you say a thing
because the words that are said
just might make me bleed
i don't want another lover, no that's not me
aint got no lovers undercover, just honesty
and I'm sick of the lies and the promising
and I'm sick of all the hurt that this drama brings
I'll keep my head above water so I can breath
I'll fight for Freedom Truth and Rights and Equality
and when its my time to go and Gods callin Me
I'll lay my sword down with honor and take a knee
fold my hands and pray for all the friends I leave
and hopefully see the pearly gates opening
when sadness falls down like rain
know that I'll push the sun out of the clouds
just to heal your pain

(KnowledgeBorn07, Johnny Cosmic, King David Schultz and Angie Klockie)

There's a thin line between love and hate
And sometimes we are blind and cannot relate
I gotta pick up all the pieces even though I'm drained
Because the way things are going we all need a change

(KnowledgeBorn07 and Johnny Cosmic)

do we piece this back together or just walk away
how can you point the finger
when there's no one to blame
do you accept what you've done and realize mistakes
can you accept forgiveness or is it to late?
did we act out of anger and instigate
this final outcome of love and hate
can we change the past with future roads we pave
or are we stuck in this cycle and
headed towards our grave
we gotta believe in each other even though its scary
I really think that this way is so necessary
at one time in my life I thought we would be married
we lived so care free and our love was daring
now its to the point that I cannot find
the reason that were here and to this im blind
we need to step back and press rewind
but unfortunately I think we're running out of time


There's a thin line between love and hate
And sometimes we are blind and cannot relate
I gotta pick up all the pieces even though I'm drained
Because the way things are going we all need a change

(Johnny Cosmic)

one love
one life
underneath one sky
set us free


from Cosmic Knowledge, released May 11, 2010
Vocals: KnowledgeBorn07, Johnny Cosmic, King David Schultz and Angie Klockie

Music: Johnny Cosmic and Chris Tarman


all rights reserved




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